Essential oil carriers

Understand which oils, butters, and other carriers to use for your aromatherapy products

Essential oil carriers are natural vegetable oils, butters, waxes, and other substances that you can apply to your skin—either exactly as they are or in blends. We call them “carriers” because we use them to dilute essential oils.

Why should you dilute essential oils in carriers?

Using a carrier is the safest way to apply essential oils to your skin without risking reactions like irritation.

Many carriers have their own skin-nourishing benefits, too.

Avocado oil and cocoa butter, for example, are full of natural fatty acids. They moisturize your skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and repair the skin’s barrier to protect it against damage from things like harsh weather or pollution. Some carriers contain nourishing vitamins like A, C, and E, which help your skin stay radiant and healthy.

In some cases, you can use just one carrier. (Avocado oil is easy to apply to your skin all by itself.) Other times it’s easier to combine carriers and create customized body products. (Cocoa butter is usually too firm to use alone, and is easier to apply when it’s melted and blended with other ingredients).

In this guide, you’ll learn why carriers are key to safe essential oil use, the different types of carriers you have to work with, and how to use them.

Chapter 1

3 Reasons to use essential oil carriers

Using carriers is a safe, sustainable practice that protects you and respects nature.

Chapter 2

Types of carriers you can work with

The differences between oils, butters, lotions, and other carriers—and when to use each one.

Chapter 3

10 Most popular, must-have carriers!

These 10 versatile carriers are staples in many aromatherapy collections!

Chapter 4

Exotic carriers for luxurious blends

Work with unique, exotic carriers to grow your skills and make a wider variety of blends.

Chapter 5

Working with water-based carriers

Water and oil don’t mix...or do they? Learn to blend essential oils into water-based carriers.

Chapter 6

Get creative & keep learning!

Get clarity on your next steps and keep your aromatic creativity flowing!


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