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Rhodinol rich lemongrass

A unique variety of lemongrass essential oil that doesn't irritate skin.

A Rare Kind of Lemongrass Oil

A Rare Kind of Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass essential oil can help create conditions that germs, microbes, fungi, and spores don’t like. But common lemongrass can also irritate skin, due to the high percentage of natural citral in the oil. This lemongrass essential oil is different! Instead of citral, it’s rich in natural rhodinol—which means this unique oil offers the strength of common lemongrass, while being gentle and nourishing for skin. Our rhodinol-rich lemongrass is hand-cultivated and distilled by our friends in India using traditional, sustainable, small-scale practices.

Benefits and Uses of Rhodinol-Rich Lemongrass Oil

Benefits and Uses of Rhodinol-Rich Lemongrass Oil

Skin care

Blend a skin-nourishing cream or oil with lemongrass ct. rhodinol to soothe areas irritated by allergens or fungus. It’s right at home in foot creams


Help your body prevent infections, or get over them quickly, with a lemongrass ct. rhodinol respiratory inhaler, diffuser blend, or body oil.

Natural cleaning

Keep germs, microbes, and spores away from surfaces—even damp areas like shower stalls—with lemongrass ct. rhodinol cleaners. Or diffuse the oil to refresh and cleanse the air.

DIY Recipes

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"I’d never seen lemongrass that was rich in rhodinol. I am crazy happy! The aroma is fresh, citrusy, and slightly rosy. A beautiful and rare find!"

~ Andrea Butje, Aromahead Institute

Our Lemongrass Oil

Our Lemongrass Oil


Our friend Gurpreet sustainably cultivates this gorgeous lemongrass on his family’s farm in India, using traditional techniques that respect the demanding climate and land.


Gurpreet’s farm employs workers from the local village (some families have worked with him for generations). Harvest season means more resources for everyone!


Gurpreet (who is also a biochemist) distills his lemongrass in small batches, tests it at his lab to ensure its chemistry and quality, and lets us know the oil is ready!

Following Nature's Lead

Following Nature's Lead

Gurpreet’s sustainable farm is located in the countryside of India—a hot, humid, lush, verdant area abundant with wildlife. Instead of trying to “tame” the land, Gurpreet exists in harmony with it. He walks on his farm with a wooden staff, tapping the ground to send snakes away. He, his family, and his workers use cooling herbs and other natural methods to live without air conditioning. (Fortunately, lemongrass ct. rhodinol has cooling effects!) And everyone keeps an eye out for tigers and goes inside if one is spotted!

Rhodinol-Rich Lemongrass Oil Product Details

Rhodinol-Rich Lemongrass Oil Product Details

Our rhodinol-rich lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus ct. rhodinol) has a fresh, herbaceous aroma, with notes of citrus (lime) and flowers (rose). It’s cooling in topical blends, and can calm hot emotions so you feel relaxed. Clean your home with it to repel pests—including microscopic pests that can make you sick. Make an after-shower spray for your tiles, or diffuse the oil to reduce airborne spores. Since rhodinol is gentle, include this lemongrass oil in your topical blends and inhalers. Try a foot spray for itchy feet, or an inhaler to soothe sniffles.


Lemongrass ct. rhodinol essential oil is non-toxic and non-irritating. For external use only.

Shelf life

Shelf life is about 5 years from distillation when stored appropriately in a cool, dark environment. Organically grown in India. Plant family: Poaceae. Plant part used: Grass.

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