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Aloe Hand Cleanser

Easy to tuck into a backpack or coat pocket, this aloe hand cleanser helps keep you and your kids healthy by reducing microbial activity wherever you go. Gentle and effective for our kids!

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  1. Pour just under 2 oz. of aloe vera into the 2 oz. PET bottle w/pop-up cap.
  2. Add essential oils to the aloe vera.
  3. Cap the blend.
  4. Shake gently to mix. 

A bright, fun sanitizer for cleansing your hands no matter where you are!


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I made this hand sanitzer for my purse. I am a germaphobe of sorts. I keep hand sanitzer in my car to use each time I return to my car when shopping. Purell and other such products have so much alcohol and and w frequent use drys skin burns and stings. Studies show hand washing with soap and water is more effective. This blend doesn’t add to the super bug infections. It is so mild. It feels like lotion. Tried it on my husband. Had to make him one also.
Betsy Bourque RN, MPH

Betsy H Bourque