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Foaming Peppermint Castile Hand Soap

This foaming hand soap is the perfect, healthy alternative for any bathroom or kitchen! With such a gorgeous, minty aroma, and a touch of sweetness, it is sure to please anyone!

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Step 1: Fill 8 oz. foamer bottle 3/4 full with Castile Soap (approx. 6 fl oz.)

Step 2: Add Peppermint Hydrosol to the Castile Soap (Add enough to fill the foamer bottle to the neck - approx. 2 fl oz.)

Step 3: Add 20 drops of Orange (Sweet) Oil to soap/hydrosol mixture.

Step 4: Add 20 drops of Lavender Oil to soap/hydrosol mixture.

Step 5: Add foamer top to bottle and shake gently to blend.


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