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Holiday Spice Solid Perfume

This untamed Holiday Spice Solid Perfume has deep notes of sensual jasmine with floral bitter orange blossoms distilled into neroli. Spicy Tamala with cinnamon notes and clove creates an uplifting synergy perfume that inspires focus, motivation, and resolve.

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  1. Add the beeswax pellets to a double boiler system. We like to use a glass measuring cup inside a pot of hot water. (See detailed instructions below)
  2. Stir with a glass stir rod or metal spoon.
  3. Once the beeswax is melted, add the jojoba and warm just enough to keep the blend melted (the beeswax will solidify quickly once the heat has been removed).
  4. Blend the essential oils in a small glass container.
  5. Add the essential oils to the beeswax and jojoba mixture.
  6. Pour immediately into a 1 oz tin or glass container. A small decorative metal or glass container makes a fabulous gift!

For the double boiler: 

  • Measure the beeswax and jojoba by weight. 
  • Place both the beeswax and a small amount of the jojoba oil in a Pyrex glass measuring cup.
  • Fill a small soup pot 1/4 of the way with water.
  • Place the Pyrex in the pot of water and heat on medium until the beeswax melts into the jojoba. This takes about 5 minutes on a gentle-medium heat.
  • Be sure none of the water from the pot boils into the Pyrex container.

Note: A nice substitution instead of 4 drops of Neroli and 1 ounce of Jojoba is to use Neroli infused Jojoba


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