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Lavender Linen Spray

Freshen and cleanse your linens and rooms with this beautiful lavender linen spray recipe. Let the synergistic aroma of lavender, lemon, and thyme calm, balance, uplift, and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit while this spray helps purify and reduce the presence of microbial activity!

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  1. Combine 100ml of lavender artisan hydrosol (entire bottle) and all of the drops of essential oils in a 4 oz. PET plastic bottle with a spray cap. (Or, if you want to save a bottle, you can add the essential oils directly to the 100 ml lavender artisan hydrosol's glass bottle!)
  2. Add 5 ml of Solubol (dispersant) to the oil/hydrosol mixture.
  3. Shake gently to blend all ingredients before spraying.

Spray on your linens whenever needed and enjoy the lovely, therapeutic aroma. Makes a wonderful room spray, as well!

If you aren't able to measure out 5 ml of solubol: 1ml = approximately 20 - 25 drops. So you'll need approximately 100-125 drops of Solubol. With a linen spray, we tend to use less of the solubol.


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