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By Aromatics International

Skeeter Beater Bug Repellent

Discourage those pesky ‘skeeters’ from helping themselves with this easy, effective, insect-repelling blend. Uninvited bugs not welcome!

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Add essential oils to 100 ml of yarrow hydrosol. Shake well before spraying. Natural bug sprays usually require a frequent application for effectiveness. 

Solubol (dispersant) is an emulsifier to help blend essential oils with water, such as a hydrosol. The amount depends on the oils used and personal preference. In this recipe, we use a 1:8 ratio. For every 8 drops of essential oil, use 1 drop of solubol. 


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This is the Best Skeeter Beater EVER! So glad I tried this recipe because it works so so good on keeping these FL skeeters away.