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By A Light Touch LLC

Tropical Island Bug Spray with Catnip

This recipe comes straight from a resident of the beautiful island of Hawaii! Living an active outdoor lifestyle but having an allergy to deet products created quite the problem for this Hawaiian resident, so he created his own effective bug repellent to keep himself bug free while enjoying the activities he loves!

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  1. Blend together hydrosols in a 4 ounce PET spray bottle.
  2. Add the aloe vera gel.
  3. Drop essential oils into the hydrosol blend.
  4. Add the solubol -dispersant to help emulsify the essential oils with the hydrosol.
  5. Shake well to blend all ingredients. Shake before each use.

Spray every 2-3 hours as needed for bug and mosquito control. If sweating, spray on more frequently. The aloe vera in this blend helps the spray to stay longer on your skin. 



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