By Aromatics International

Margarita Bath and Body Scrub

A margarita in the shower? With this tangy and sweet salt scrub, transport yourself to a magical place while exfoliating and moisturizing!

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  1. Mix fine grain and small grain salts together in a glass bowl. This is the time to add the 1/3 C. of white sugar if desired. 
  2. Melt the Coconut Oil and Jojoba oil together over low heat.
  3. Add the essential oils to the oil phase of the blend.
  4. Add the essential oil blend to the salts and mix well.
  5. Add to your favorite shower container such as a 16 ounce PET jar.

Extra Ingredients: 1/3 Cup White Sugar (optional)

In the shower or tub use a small handful as a scrub and then rinse off the salt. Leave right in the shower or by the tub and use every few days. Enjoy! 


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