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Ease the Pain Body Butter with Turmeric (white)

This easy to make body butter is smooth and effective! Keep handy and gently massage onto painful and inflamed areas for relieve. This blend has many levels of support.

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  • Melt the cocoa butter in a *double boiler with a touch of baobab oil.
  • Once almost melted, add the red palm.
  • When the butters are almost melted, take the pot off the heat and add Moringa oil, castor oil, and the remaining baobab oil stirring well with a glass stir rod or metal spoon.
  •  Add essential oils to the melted mixture.
  • Pour into 3-1 ounce jars
  • Cover and allow to cool.

*For a double boiler:  Use an 8 oz. Pyrex measuring cup and place the cup in a pot with water in the bottom of the pot.

This recipe makes about 3 oz.

Caution: The red palm might discolor clothing. Rub in well. 


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