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Tropical Cocoa Lip Balm

This deliciously tropical lip balm blend is so nourishing and moisturizing. Perfect for healing dry, chapped lips! 

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This recipe makes about 12-13 lip balms (5 ml size).


  1. The easiest way to make lip balms is to buy a lip balm tray. These trays hold up to 50 lip balms and allow you to pour the hot melted oils and butter into the tubes easily.
  2. A 16 oz. glass or Pyrex measuring cup.
  3. A pot that the cup fits into.


Stick 12 lip balm tubes, uncovered, into the bottom of the tray so they become the legs of the tray and are easy to fill with the melted lip balm.

  1. Put a 16 oz glass or Pyrex measuring cup into a pot that’s about ¼ full of simmering water. The water will heat the measuring cup from the outside.
  2. Melt the beeswax in the Pyrex measuring cup.
  3. Add the vanilla-infused jojoba oil, stirring with your glass stirring rod or stainless steel spoon.
  4. When the beeswax and jojoba are melted, add the cocoa butter and melt.
  5. Add the coconut oil and melt.
  6. Add the essential oils, stirring gently.
  7. Pour the melted lip balm into your lip balm tubes.

To clean your tray: We find it easiest to wipe it off with a paper towel first, to get as much of the extra lip balm off as possible. Then soak in hot water, scrub and run through a dishwasher.


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This recipie was simple, easy and lucious on our lips! I loved making this for my family this holiday season :)

Laura Cardona

This was our first time making lip balm and it came out great ! We didn’t have Vanilla infused Jojoba so we just used plain Jojoba, the texture is wonderful and so is the taste. We put it in tins instead of tubes this time but will try it again at some point with the tubes. This recipe is a keeper 😊

Lori Bostdorf