By Aromatics International

Adrenal Travel Support

This rejuvenating lotion blend helps relieve travel fatigue, jet lag, and burnout. These oils encourage circulation, usher in peace, and work to revitalize both the physical and emotional terrains. 

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Step 1: Add 2 oz of unscented lotion to an empty 2 oz glass jar.

Step 2: Drop the essential oils into the lotion.

Step 3: Using a glass stir rod, or another blending tool, mix the essential oils and lotion together until blended.

Step 4: Apply to lower back several times daily as needed. 


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I loved this kit. I made one for each of my sisters. Would like to see it for sale once again.

Julie Martinez

I love this blend. It smells so good and makes me feel stronger after I use it. I can’t explain why though. : )

Kathleen H