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Calming and Sleep

This beautiful blend is formulated to be deeply calming, helping you relax when you need to rest. These oils work to balance and uplift emotions, relieve tension and stress, and usher in peace and tranquility. Sleep well!

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Step 1: Add 1 oz of Jojoba Oil to an empty 1 oz amber glass bottle with a coned cap. 

Step 2: Add the essential oils into the jojoba oil. 

Step 3: Add the cap to the bottle and roll gently to mix the essential oils into the jojoba. 

Step 4: Replace the coned cap with the dropper cap for easy drop-by-drop use.

Step 5: Massage gently onto the chest, upper back and temples. 

Note: This recipe also makes a lovely inhaler blend. (Just leave out the carrier oil and drop the essential oils onto the cotton wick of a blank inhaler!) 


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