By Teri Perkins - Guest Recipe

Hot Flash Relief

This beautiful blend is perfect for helping manage hot flashes and other symptoms of occasional body imbalance. These essential oils work beautifully together, assisting the body in working to restore balance!

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Blend all essential oils in the coconut oil or another carrier such as jojoba oil. Apply a small amount to the chest, back of the neck, and inside of the wrists. 


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Just an update from my previous review. I have used this recipe and within 2 days it was working. I don’t even use it everyday and it is still working for my hot flashes. Occasionally I will feel one creep up and I will put the oil just on the back of my neck. Also, when I do feel a hot flash it’s not as intense and long lasting as the ones I experience before using this recipe!


Just got most of these oils in today! Made up this recipe but cutting down on the quantities of the oils and put in a roller bottle with jojoba so I can carry it to work with me. I just put it on so I will report next week to see how it works for me! I will start today with a 5 star rating because Aromatics oils are my favorite oils.