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Stop the Itch

Need relief from bug bites or other itchy, hot skin issues? This blend helps stop the itch and brings soothing relief to the irritation and aggravation it can cause!

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Blend the essential oils and solubol into 1 oz. of lavender hydrosol. Shake generously to emulsify the essential oils and hydrosol before use. Spray on affected areas as needed for relief.  Alternatively, add the essential oils to a carrier oil and dab on the area. Apply as frequently as needed.


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I didn’t have German Chamomile so I messaged asking if there was an oil I can substitute. I got a quick reply stating I could just omit it and increase the other oils by one drop. I did this and have since used the same oil combination in a hard salve option. The blend works AMAZING. Not only does the itchy feeling go away almost immediately, it hasn’t come back later on either. I am prone to scratching my skin off in my sleep when I have bug bites and this blend has already saved me from that happening. Thank you!