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A Heavenly Infusion of Jojoba Carrier Oils

1) Neroli Blossom Infused Jojoba

This oil perfectly conjures the smell of Neroli blossoms. As Neroli is a precious oil, this infusion provides a way to enjoy the benefits and aroma of amazing Neroli!

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Neroli Blossoms

Neroli blossoms come from Egypt and a special absorbance process is used by our South African distiller with very low heat to infuse the Jojoba Oil. It has a beautiful Neroli aroma. The gentle floral, citrus aroma can be very soothing and calming to the nervous system and is considered an antidepressant as it is known to be very helpful in reducing anxiety.

2) Vanilla Infused Jojoba Oil

We are so excited to offer this luscious jojoba oil that we have infused with Vanilla oleoresin. Its aroma is warm, rich, and full of vanilla! I have been using jojoba as a moisturizer for as long as I can remember. The vanilla aroma is a wonderful addition!

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Vanilla Beans
You can make Vanilla Infused Jojoba yourself. So easy! This thick syrupy Vanilla Oleoresin will not dilute itself in jojoba as it is not fat soluble.
  • A great approach is to put a large blob of vanilla oleoresin in 16 oz. of jojoba and let it infuse for a week.
  • The jojoba will absorb the aroma of the vanilla but it will not blend with the vanilla, so the vanilla stays on the bottom of the bottle.
  • Once you have used all the jojoba you can re-use the vanilla by adding another 16 oz. of jojoba to the bottle - no need to add more vanilla! I have re-used my one blob of vanilla in 16 oz. of jojoba 4 times already and the aroma of the jojoba is still strong!

3) Coffee Flower Infused Jojoba Oil

What a divine aroma! While not smelling like coffee, this oil is blissfully aromatic and features deep floral notes. According to a former resident, this oil smells just like the blooming coffee flowers in Hawaii. The infusion is vibrant! The aroma is sweet, soft, and floral and has all the wonderful benefits of Jojoba oil.

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Coffee Flowers


Ways to use these beautiful Infused Jojoba Oils:

  • They are ideal as carrier oils for making any essential oil blend
  • They are perfect to add when making body butters, lip balm, and lipstick bases
  • They can also be used as massage oils or moisturizers.
  • They can be used in perfumes. A very special friend used the Coffee Flower infused jojoba Oil, added beeswax and some conifer essential oils to make an amazing solid perfume.
Try these carriers for an exotic experience!

Questions or comments?! Please email us at:!

Coffee Flower picture is compliments of Wikimedia Commons taken in November-2004 by Fernando Rebêlo.
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