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Crafting your own blends is such a fun, empowering, and rewarding experience. Sometimes, however, knowing exactly which oils to reach for when creating blends for specific intentions or seeking equivalent substitutions can be a little intimidating. It can take years of experience blending essential oils before one feels comfortable enough to just grab the right oils without having to spend a lot of time researching first. Thankfully, Aromatics International created an innovative system of categorization that can help make safe, effective blending and substituting easier, faster, and— for those new to the world of blending essential oils— a lot less daunting. We call these remarkably helpful categories the AromaNumber™ system, and they are perfect starting points for helping you choose the right oils (and hydrosols) for whatever purpose you need, no matter your experience level.

What is the AromaNumber™ System?

Aromatics International worked with several leading experts in the field of aromatherapy to group all of our 150+ essential oils and hydrosols into 8 categories based on their primary therapeutic and energetic usage. Each category was assigned a number and, thus, the term, AromaNumber™, was born. We include the AromaNumber™ on the label of every bottle. This not only helps with fast identification and selection but can also help you keep your collection of oils organized! With the help of the AromaNumber™ system, blending essential oils has never been easier!

AromaNumber™ Categories

Based on the most popular therapeutic and energetic uses most often sought after in aromatherapy, we created 8 AromaNumber™ categories:

AromaNumber 1 Balance

Promotes balance and offers serenity to the body, mind, and spirit.

AromaNumber 2 Breathe

Promotes the clearing and opening of the respiratory system as well as the mind and spirit.

AromaNumber 3 Relieve

Supports pain and inflammation management in the body, while also helping to relieve the mind and spirit during times of physical discomfort.

AromaNumber 4 Purify

Supports the body as it fights off infection, while also helping to purify and revive the mind and spirit.

AromaNumber 5 Digest

Supports the digestive system, while also helping the mind and spirit process unsettling thoughts or experiences and regain steadiness.

AromaNumber 6 Ease

Supports the body in quieting muscle spasms and cramping as well as helps to quiet the mind and spirit during times of physical distress.

AromaNumber 7 Complexion

Promotes healing, clearing, and nourishing of skin, while also offering healing and calming nourishment for the mind and spirit.

AromaNumber 8 Circulate

Supports healthy circulation in the body as well as clearing and unblocking stagnant thinking and feeling of mind and spirit.


Blending Essential Oils with the AromaNumber™ System

Our goal was to create a system that could help everyone, no matter their experience level. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned aromatherapist, these expertly-categorized groups can prove useful in many ways.

Here are a few ways the AromaNumber™ system can help:

  • Quickly and easily choose the right oil for an intended purpose. AromaNumber™ categories serve as excellent quick-reference points for determining primary usages of your oils. If you want to craft a blend to help open up the airways but aren’t sure which oils are best, you can reference the BREATHE (AromaNumber™ 2) category and take your pick from those oils.
  • Find an effective substitute for an oil. If you have a recipe you’d like to blend, but you may not have one of the oils or perhaps cannot use one due to allergies or other reasons, you can figure out which oil would make an effective substitute by choosing one from the same AromaNumber™ group.
  • Help keep your collection organized. If you want to keep your oils organized by main therapeutic usage, you can group all of the like AromaNumber™ oils together, making it super easy to find one when looking for a specific purpose, such as to clean an owie (4 - PURIFY) or soothe a sore muscle (6 - EASE).
  • Ensure your plant-based medicinal arsenal is well rounded. By organizing your oils by AromaNumber™, you can determine what oils you may want to add to your collection to broaden and expand your collection. We recommend having at least a few from each category!

Of course, we always encourage further study and personal exploration into every one of the oils that you want to use. Essential oils are so deeply nuanced. Not only do they often have several therapeutic and energetic benefits, but some can have a few safety precautions, as well. By no means is this system meant to replace familiarizing yourself with each of your oils.

AromaNumber™ Oils List

Now that you know what the AromaNumber™ categories are all about, we’re sure you want to know what oils belong in each category. Since we carry 150+ essential oils and over 40 hydrosols, here are a few examples to get you started. The rest can be found on our website. (Details below!):

  6. EASE

To find out more about Aromatics International’s AromaNumber™ system, including a complete list of oils for each category, click on this link to our AromaNumber™ page, or find the page on our website in our Learn section. NOTE: Click on the box for each individual AromaNumber™ group to see the list of all the oils in that category!

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