Whether you're looking for a romantic evening, hoping to attract love, or just wanting to treat yourself to some well-deserved TLC, these essential oil recipes for Valentine's Day can help open up the heart and mind and encourage greater, deeper love.

After all, all you need is love… and essential oils. We hope these recipes will help you create the perfect atmosphere this Valentine’s Day (or any day of the year!).

Let us know what your favorite love-enhancing essential oils are in the comments below. Have a romantic blend of your own? We’d love to hear about it!

Essential Oil Recipes for Valentine's Day

1. All About Love Oil

This enchanting, sensual blend opens the mind, warms the heart, and heightens the senses. These beautiful oils promote balance, serenity, love, and emotional healing. This is one of our favorite

2. Love Potion Perfume Oil

Spread the love with this roll-on perfume blend that is both sensual and sweet. Bursting with floral, citrus, and vanilla notes, this blend is sure to attract that special someone!

3. Alluring Bath and Shower Body Salt Scrub

Wake up your senses with this untamed body salt scrub. An emotionally cleansing and balancing essential oil blend of cardamom, rose, yuzu and a touch of patchouli transports us into a world of bliss. Perfect for the Valentine's Day season! Use daily as a part of your morning or evening bathing routine.

4. Sensual Massage Oil

This massage blend is perfect for encouraging unity inside and out. Climb on board for this calming and peaceful euphoric journey! An alluring idea for Valentine's Day! This blend makes a delicious perfume!

5. Blissful Jasmine Foot Soak

A sensual and soul-nourishing salt foot bath blend. A favorite way to share endearing moments, warming your heart and feet all at the same time! Keep this blend handy year round.

6. Valentine's Day Card Spray

Leave a lasting, aromatic impression on your Valentine's Day cards with this simple, yet festive recipe idea. Great for kids, this recipe will take your valentine's day cards to the next level!

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August 10, 2020 — Karen Williams