Small-scale crafting in action!


Small-scale crafting in action!

See how we ensure you receive 100% pure, sustainable aromatherapy products.

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Harvest Season 2019

We're heading into the Rocky Mountains to handpick local plants, and connecting with friends in India who share our values and produce some of our favorite lemongrass oil.

Small-scale practices bring us together, and allow us to respect the earth's natural cycles.

Our Purity Promise

Crafting the purest aromatherapy products available means working hand-in-hand with nature, respecting its cycles. All of our products are either certified organic, organically crafted, or wildcrafted. We promise to never modify or adulterate our products. Free of herbicides, pesticides, or anything other than what mother nature herself provides, our products are pure and natural-and we never test them on animals. We test all of our essential oils with GC/MS technology to guarantee each oil's purity and reveal its exact chemistry.

Whether we're harvesting wild plants in our own backyard, or working directly with farmers and producers around the world, our focus on sustainability, purity, and quality remains the same.

Our Cultivation Methods


Wildcrafting means the land is never farmed, and the plants are never artifically sown. They grow in their natural environments - free, wild, and pure!


Whenever possible, the mountainsides and fields where these plants grow is certified organic - confirmed free of herbicides and pesticides.


If it's not possible to have the land officially certified as organic, the plants can still be grown with organic practices. Our friends around the world are committed to this.

Small-scale principles; global reach


Working in partnership with the earth means letting plants grow and mature on their own schedule, whether they're in the pristine Rocky Mountains or diverse locales worldwide.


Sustainability guides every choice we make. All of our plants are organic or wildcrafted, and harvested in small batches or by hand.


Each essential oil, infusion, and hydrosol is hand-crafted in small batches-principles we practice right here in Montana, and share with friends who distill our products around the world.

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