An infusion of wildcrafted arnica, St. John's Wort, and calendula

Trauma Oil

Trauma Oil is a must-have for any natural care collection! It’s popular for supporting the body after minor mishaps and injuries—helping to protect areas that have been bumped, bruised, or feel tender and sore. You can also trust it for more ongoing issues, like achy knees or wrists. Trauma Oil is actually a blend of three herbal infusions: arnica, St. John’s wort, and calendula. All three herbs have been individually infused in organic, extra-virgin olive oil. Each is rich with its own therapeutic properties. When they’re combined, they create a powerhouse blend so potent it earns its name: Trauma Oil.

Benefits and Uses of Trauma Oil


Comfort soreness after a minor mishap or flare up. Carry Trauma Oil with you to calm unexpected tenderness, redness, or bruises. It’s great for kids!


Make a salve with Trauma Oil to help ease fingers, knees, or wrists, bringing a sense of easy movement to areas of ongoing discomfort.


Use Trauma Oil all by itself, add essential oils, or blend it into a recipe for muscles, joints, and even head tension.

DIY Recipes

"This oil gave me great relief in no time when I used it for my achy neck. Added some EO's to it and made a super sciatica oil. I hope I never run out of this blend... what a great find! Highly recommend it for anyone with pain." ~ Chris E.

Our Trauma Oil


Arnica-infused oil is a traditional favorite for encouraging the body’s natural healing after minor upsets, such as bruises and bumps.


Known for inspiring positive energy and relieving discomfort, st. john’s wort is rich in hypericin. It gives our Trauma Oil a warm, rich, red color!


Like a comforting lullaby for areas that feel sore or irritated, calendula-infused oil is used to soothe skin and support tender, sore areas.

What is Plant Synergy?

Some plants share similar therapeutic effects, but create those effects in individual ways. For example, arnica is helpful for soothing tenderness, and st. john’s wort approaches the same benefit from a different angle.

Arnica, st. john’s wort, and calendula are three such herbs! We infuse the flower blossoms individually, and blend the resulting infusions to create a synergy, where the three plants support one another’s effects for the ultimate botanical powerhouse blend! Now one oil can give you the effects of three nurturing plants.

Trauma Oil Product Details

If you’re not sure which all-natural products you need, keep a bottle of Trauma Oil on hand. You’ll find plenty of uses for it! It’s a rich, red oil that you can use for a super-charged, nourishing massage, to calm a throbbing head after a long day, ease tension out of your shoulders, nurture stiff joints, reduce redness, clear up tender black & blue areas, support yourself after a minor injury (like if you missed the last stair and now your ankle hurts), and more. Trauma Oil is perfect all by itself, or in a blend with your favorite essential oils and carriers.


Hypericin, the active component in st. john’s wort, has been associated with photosensitivity. It’s good to be aware of that when using Trauma Oil and then going out in the sun.


Shelf life: About 2 years from the infusion date when properly stored in a cool, dark environment. Wildcrafted and organic from Montana, USA. Plant families: Asteraceae,Hypericaceae. Plant parts used: Flowers.

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This carrier oil is made with st. john's wort wildcrafted here in Montana. It's a wonderful carrier for essential oils in healing blends.

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