Wellness Numbers

Need a natural solution to a specific wellness challenge? Look no further! We’ve hand-selected essential oils that are especially helpful for addressing common concerns, from restful sleep to skin care to digestive support.

Essential oils can support our minds, bodies, and spirits, but with so many oils to choose from it can be tricky to know which one to reach for. To simplify the process, we created our Wellness Numbers system to highlight go-to solutions for specific wellness concerns. Review the categories, select the essential oils that meet your needs, and start enhancing your wellness, one drop at a time!

Wellness feature

Get the restful sleep you deserve, naturally

Sleep is a cornerstone of total health! Get effective, all-natural support with 100% pure, organic essential oils, hydrosols, and blends that inspire calm and restful feelings.

All Wellness Numbers

1. Mood

Enhance or shift your state of mind to gain a fresh outlook on your day.

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2. Breathe

Open the airways, ease allergy season, reduce congestion, and calm your cold or flu.

3. Relieve

Soothe everyday aches, pain, and soreness throughout your body.

4. Purify

Clean your home, clear the air, support your immune system, or increase circulation.

5. Digest

Support your stomach! Calm occasional queasiness, irregularity, bloating, and more.

6. Energy

Put some pep in your step and regain the focus needed to power through tasks.

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7. Complexion

Show your skin some love with a natural beauty routine and remedies for minor issues.

8. Relax

Usher in a sense of calm to support sleep, reduce stress, and encourage mindfulness.

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Our products are 100% pure and completely natural. They are organically grown and free from additives of any kind. We take the extra step of testing each batch to guarantee its purity and share the test results on our website so you can see all of the details.


To support your health and wellness, we only select products that have the ideal chemistry for maximum therapeutic benefit. Our recommendations are guided by expert aromatherapists based on the latest research and science.


We keep the earth in mind during each step of our process, making sustainable choices from plant to package. Our small scale producers follow organic practices and all of our materials are selected for sustainability, including plant-based inks and biodegradable shipping materials.