Essential Oils are an important part of aromatherapy and holistic wellness. Whether they’re used to support the treatment of acne, balance moods, or help alleviate inflammation, essential oils possess remarkable therapeutic and energetic properties that make them beneficial when formulated effectively and used safely.


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Learn How to Blend Oils

New to aromatherapy? Get the basics on individual essential oils, as well as their properties and many uses. You can also learn to make your own blends for wellness, skin care, and more!

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Purest Ingredients

Our organic essential oils all come with detailed GC/MS reports to ensure that your essential oils and blends are of the highest quality, and yield the intended therapeutic results.

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Additional Resources

Find more information to help you begin to make blends with your essential oils. Don't forget to investigate the therapeutic qualities of each oil by learning about each oil's individual characteristics and properties on our dedicated essential oil pages.

Beginner Recipes

We have collected wonderful essential oil recipes over the last several years and we are excited to share them with you! As we continue creating new blends, we will add these recipes to this online resource.  

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