Wildcrafting as nature intended. Learn how these beautiful flowers become such a soothing oil.

What is Arnica?

Our certified Arnica cordifolia grows wild in subalpine regions of the Rocky Mountains of Montana. Arnica is a perennial herb, traditionally used for topical application after minor injuries and discomfort. It can summon the body's resources to the area where it's applied, encouraging our natural healing responses. Arnica offers strength to tender areas, such as uncomfortable muscles, joints, bumps, and bruises. Arnica oil should only be applied over unbroken skin.

Benefits and Uses of Arnica Oil


Apply arnica oil to areas that feel sore and tender, such as after bumping your leg into a table, or working a muscle too hard.


Add essential oils to arnica oil to make a therapeutic blend that supports you after a minor injury, offering strength and comfort as you heal.


Make an arnica salve to keep around for massaging sore fingers and wrists (great at the desk!), or to release tension from tight muscles.

DIY Recipes

"I primarily use this oil for muscular pain relief but I have found it also works great on bruises. I made the Arnica Salve and it is amazing!" ~ Kaylin

How Our Arnica Oil Is Made


Certified organic and wildcrafted, our arnica grows on pristine subalpine mountainsides surrounded by conifers. Respecting nature means honoring its cycles, and accepting what the land freely gives.


We hand-harvest the bright yellow arnica blossoms one at a time, leaving enough plants for nature’s cycle of growth to repeat itself.


The arnica flowers are collected into glass jars and covered with organic, extra-virgin olive oil, in small-batch infusions. The result is a smooth, golden oil, rich with nourishing benefits.

What is an Infusion?

Infusions are traditional ways of releasing a plant’s natural therapeutic properties. No alcohol is used, and no extreme heat is needed—just the natural warmth and light of the sun.

Making an infusion involves hand-loading the plant in small batches into individual glass jars. Then we fill the jars with pure oil—we like using organic, extra-virgin olive oil—and set them aside to warm in the sun. Over the course of several months, the sun draws out the plant’s therapeutic properties, which are collected in the olive oil.

Arnica Oil Product Details


Excellent for soothing soreness and restoring a clear appearance around bruised areas; easing discomfort in achy muscles and joints; encouraging the body’s natural healing after minor injuries; and “summoning the body’s resources” where they’re needed (especially if you’re dealing with pain). Arnica’s effects don’t happen immediately. Wait several hours or overnight for best results!


For external use only. Avoid use with broken skin. Discontinue use if prolonged redness or rash occurs.


Shelf life 2 years. Wildcrafted in Montana, USA. Plant family: Asteracea. Plant part used: Flowers.

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A few years ago, a terrible forest fire raged through the mountains of Montana. Some of the Aromatics team were living in a cabin on that land, and the flames cam terrifyingly close...

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