Free lavender hydrosol with purchase Aromatics International
Free lavender hydrosol with purchase Aromatics International

First Time Orders Get a Free Artisan Lavender Hydrosol!

For a limited time, get a free bottle of Aromatics' own Artisan Lavender Hydrosol with all first time orders* over $50!

5-Star Customer Reviews
Best hydrosol!! I can’t have enough of this. Calming at night on bed sheets. Nourishes my skin on my face. I love it!
— Robin L.
I use this hydrosol every morning in a linen spray (the lavender linen spray recipe) very clean & relaxing hydrosol.
— Mary B.
I Love it is an understatement. Better than I expected!! So gentle & perfect for children. I couldn't be any happier with this purchase!
— Betzaida G.
In love! I use it every night on my linens! So good!
— Galina T.

Must-Have Lavender Pairings

Artisan Lavender Hydrosol Recipe Inspiration

Aloe Sunburn Relief Spray

These ingredients work together to soothe and calm burned, irritated skin. It helps cool the heat, relieve pain, and encourage faster healing!

Lavender Facial Mist Spray

This recipe is so powerfully rejuvenating and healing. You'll feel revitalized— like you've just had an expensive spa treatment done— with every spray!

Chamomile & Lavender Calming Mist

Two of the most calming plants in the aromatic world come together in this soothing hydrosol mist! Chamomile & lavender work to calm unpredictable emotions.

Cozy Cedar Linen Spray for Kids

Soothe kids before bed with this linen mist. Cedarwood provides security, lavender calms nerves, and wild orange boosts mood.

Stop the Itch Spray

Get relief from bug bites or other itchy, hot skin issues. This blend helps stop the itch and brings soothing relief to the irritation and aggravation it can cause!

Lavender Linen Spray

Let lavender, lemon, and thyme calm, balance, uplift, and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit. This spray freshens linens and uplifts mood.


How we make our own lavender essential oil & artisan lavender hydrosol

Get a behind-the-scenes look at our annual lavender harvest & distillation in the mountains of Western Montana.

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Artisan Lavender Hydrosol made the list, learn why, and discover the rest of the must-have list!

Lavender vs. spike lavender oil: what’s the difference?

Did you know there are over 45 species of lavender? Each one is unique, with its own distinct floral aroma and therapeutic benefits.

*Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or Aroma Drop reward redemptions. Limited to one free hydrosol per first time order. Valid while supplies last. Wholesale orders do not qualify for this promotion.