High-altitude, certified organic lavender from the Bitterroot Range of the Rocky Mountains!

Our High-Altitude, Organic Lavender

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is one of the most popular aromatherapy products in the world—and for good reason! Its incredible versatility makes it a trustworthy option to support the body, heart, and mind toward many kinds of healing. We cultivate multiple varieties of certified organic Lavandula angustifolia in high-altitude regions of the Bitterroot Mountains in Montana. Each variety is hand-harvested and distilled in small batches. We hand-blend the resulting essential oils with one another, crafting a unique artisan lavender essential oil. Our hydrosol receives the same care and attention, as we blend small batches to fashion a full-bodied finished product.

Benefits and Uses of Lavender Oil


Care for damaged skin and nourish it from day to day with lavender essential oil in rejuvenating skin care blends such as cleansers and moisturizers.


Keep calm as you go about the day, and relax at bedtime with lavender essential oil in your diffuser, or in a blend to help soothe your emotions.


Turn to lavender for support when you’re healing from minor injuries and pain, such as bruises, sore muscles, head pain, or cold and allergy symptoms.

Benefits and Uses of Lavender Hydrosol


Spritz your skin with pure lavender hydrosol, or blend it with other products to customize your gentle, nourishing skin care routine.


Feel peaceful and balanced with a few spritzes of lavender hydrosol throughout the day. Try it as a linen spray to help you sleep well, too!


Freshen the air and reduce the potential of allergens by spraying lavender hydrosol around the room and on upholstery and carpets.

DIY Recipes

"Absolutely love this lavender!!! Has a fresh, really floral aroma that is lacking in a lot of other lavender oils. You can tell this is distilled from flowers." ~ Pat C.

Our Artisan Lavender Products


Our certified organic lavender varieties are cultivated at 4700 feet above sea level in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana, patiently nurtured in the untouched environment.


Coming together to hand harvest lavender is one of our favorite times of year! Each plant is only harvested when it’s ready—we never rush nature.


The lavender flowers go into a copper still for a centuries-old tradition of small-scale distillation. We carefully monitor the process to craft the highest quality hydrosol and essential oil.

What is a Hydrosol?

A hydrosol is the water-based portion of a plant's distillation.

When an aromatic plant is steam-distilled with water, the heat allows it to release its essential oil. The water itself also becomes infused with gorgeous top, middle, and base notes, all contributing to therapeutic properties, transforming the water into hydrosol. Hydrosols are gentler, less concentrated products than essential oils. Distilling the highest-quality lavender hydrosol takes more patience than simply distilling for essential oil, but the result is worth it!

Lavender Oil Product Details

We harvest and distill each variety of our certified organic lavender individually, then blend the resulting oils together for a nuanced, rich essential oil with a well-balanced, intoxicating aroma! Our artisanal lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia) offers reliable support for maintaining steady, peaceful emotions, and for relaxation. Use it in cooling topical blends to encourage skin’s health and radiance, and support your body’s healing process after a minor injury or irritating bug bite. It’s even useful to calm sniffling and sneezing. Many kinds of physical and emotional discomfort calm down in the presence of lavender essential oil.


Lavender essential oil is non-toxic and non-irritating. For external use only. /p>


Shelf life is about 6 years from distillation when stored appropriately in a cool, dark environment. Certified organically grown in Montana, USA. Plant family: Lamiaceae. Plant part used: Flowers.

Lavender Hydrosol Product Details

Blending the hydrosols from our small-scale organic lavender distillations results in a unique, artisanal lavender hydrosol (Lavandula angustifolia) with a full, balanced aroma. Spritz it onto your skin to nourish, tone, and calm your complexion, or use it to soothe irritation and small wounds (like bug bites or small scrapes). Its sweet, floral aroma is popular for helping to balance emotions and encourage relaxation. Lavender hydrosol makes a wonderful room spray to freshen the air and purify the environment, and works well as a linen spray to reduce allergens and help you drift off to sleep.


No known safety concerns. We even love lavender hydrosol for babies and animals!


Shelf life is about 1.5 years from distillation when stored appropriately in a cool, dark environment. Certified organically grown in Montana, USA. Plant family: Lamiaceae. Plant part used: Flowers.

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