Purity Promise

Purity is Everything

Our purity promise is our commitment to ensuring each and every product we source meet the highest purity standards and are the highest quality available. This commitment spans our sourcing, testing and quality of our products.

Only The Best Sources

Each oil or natural product is completely pure and organic, produced without the use of harmful pesticides or unnatural growing practices. Many of our products are Certified Organic but in some regions our producers or distillers report certification is unavailable or prohibitively complex.  

We take sustainability seriously and only partner with producers who celebrate and share in this vision with us. Together, we are committed to replanting, selective harvesting, permit granted harvesting, and other measures to ensure our oils and natural products are produced from plants grown sustainably.

In many cases we have been partnering with producers and distillers for over twenty years and over that time we come to know and trust them and their motives. We invest in our producers and go above and beyond to support their efforts and projects. When you buy products from us here at Aromatics, you are helping to support amazing, dedicated communities of folks all around the world who are seeking to make a difference in the world, in meaningful, tangible ways.

Always GC/MS Tested

We have been testing each and every new batch of essential oil we receive since 1994. Our GC/MS (Gas Chromatography /Mass Spectrometry) tests are performed by a third-party chemist. This process is used to verify what we already know: our essential oils are free of adulteration and 100% pure. Every GC/MS report is available on our website in a reader-friendly format.

Therapeutic Quality

Our essential oils and natural products the highest therapeutic quality available. A therapeutically vibrant product is a product that is 100% pure, sustainable, fresh, free of any adulteration, batch specific, and single origin with GC/MS results readily available for any consumer. But for us that’s not enough: Products have to captivate the aromatic senses. Our essential oils and other products are aromatically stunning, and we know your nose will fall in love.

Our products are fresh. Every essential oil and natural product we offer has a recommended shelf life. We begin tracking this shelf life at the time of distillation or production and not the time at which the product arrives at our warehouse or is shipped to you as our customer, which can often happen with other companies. We store all our essential oils at 60°F (15.5°C) and use inert gas to purge air out of our bulk containers to prevent oxidization.