Wildcrafted, St. John's Wort infused olive oil

St. John's Wort

St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) is known for inspiring happiness! We can’t help but smile as we hand-gather the brilliant yellow flowers in the mountains of Northwest Montana, and infuse them in organic, extra virgin olive oil. The result is a rich, red, infusion perfect for a wide range of therapeutic uses. Try it alone or in blends to soothe areas of discomfort, redness, and tenderness after a minor injury. It’s an ideal ingredient for skin salves, and a powerful ally when you’re feeling down as you recover from a sickness, or struggle with painful zinging sensations in your body.

Benefits and Uses


Breathe, smile, and know you’re supported. St. John’s wort is a friend when you’re feeling down. Use this infused oil for self-massage to get positive energy flowing.


Add essential oils to this infusion to relieve discomfort as your body recovers from a minor injury. Or make a salve to soothe small wounds, irritated skin, and bruises.


Feeling under the weather? Encourage your body’s quick healing by adding essential oils to this nourishing infusion, and restore your sense of vitality.

DIY Recipes

"I love this oil, either use it alone for pain or add EO's for added kick, can't live without!" ~ Cathie G.

Our St. John's Wort Infused Oil


We let these gorgeous plants grow and mature on nature’s clock, in untouched areas of the Rocky Mountains in Northwest Montana.


We journey into the mountains with friends (and baskets!) to hand-gather the flowers—spritzing each with a pure alcohol blend to release more of their nourishing component, hypericin.


The alcohol evaporates, and the flowers are loaded into glass jars and covered with organic olive oil, which turns a deep, rich, red color thanks to the hypericin.

What is an Infusion?

An infusion is a traditional method of releasing a plant’s natural therapeutic properties.

We craft small-batch infusions by hand-loading the plant material into individual glass jars, then filling the jars with pure, organic, extra-virgin olive oil. Over six to eight weeks, the sun gently warms the jars and draws the St. John’s wort’s properties into the olive oil, which takes on a gorgeous red color. The oil is now infused with the nourishing benefits of wildcrafted St. John’s wort!

St. John's Wort Infused Oil Product Details

Our St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) infused oil is a “multi-benefit” product—a good staple to keep around. St. John’s wort is often praised for its ability to inspire positive emotions, and this infusion earns that praise. Use it all by itself when your energy is low. Or add essential oils to help restore tender, vulnerable areas (such as around minor injuries or scrapes). Making a salve with St. John’s wort oil can feel so soothing to painful, irritated, reddened skin. It’s even supportive if you feel sniffly and stuffed up, helping bring your body back to balanced health.


We recommend a patch test for sensitivity. Hypericin (an active constituent in St. John’s wort) has been associated with photosensitivity, so use this infused oil cautiously if you’re going out in the sun.


Shelf life: about 2 years from infusion when stored appropriately in a cool, dark environment. Wildcrafted in Montana, USA. Plant family: Hypericacaea. Plant part used: Flowers.

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This carrier oil is made with St. John's Wort wildcrafted here in Montana. It's a wonderful carrier for essential oils in healing blends.

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