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What is Yarrow?

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a traditional favorite plant for offering support as the body heals itself from small wounds and injuries. We work closely with friends in Bulgaria and the USA who share our values to sustainably grow and distill exquisite certified organic yarrow essential oil and hydrosol. Both products can help relieve discomfort and restore stability after minor accidents, like scraping an elbow or trying to lift a box that’s too heavy. Yarrow offers relief and security when we’re at our most vulnerable.

Yarrow Oil Benefits and Uses


Does your skin feel irritated, itchy, spotty, or uncomfortable? Use yarrow oil in a soothing blend to help calm discomfort and restore balance.


Make a soothing salve or aloe-based gel to protect vulnerable areas, such as small cuts and scrapes. Or add a few drops to an inhaler if something's "going around" the office!


Relieve discomfort and support your body with a topical blend if you scrape a knee, land wrong on your ankle, or your fingers and wrists hurt after typing.

Yarrow Hydrosol Benefits and Uses


Bring balance and clarity to irritated skin with a few spritzes of yarrow hydrosol. It feels cooling and comforting over "hot spots" and bug bites, too.


Spritz yarrow hydrosol onto tender, vulnerable areas, such as a small cut (after cleansing with soap and water). A few sprays can calm discomfort and restore a sense of security.


Comfort your body after a minor injury. Use a few sprays of yarrow hydrosol to relieve areas that feel warm, constricted, stiff, tender, or painful.

DIY Recipes

"Yarrow oil is one oil that seems to be good for whatever ails you. Its great for sprains and strains and sore muscles." ~ Lanie

Sustainable Yarrow Products


We searched the world for artisans who share our values for small-scale production, to bring you the purest certified organic yarrow essential oil from Bulgaria, and hydrosol from the US.


As harvest season draws closer, we keep in close touch with our friends in Bulgaria and the US. They mindfully harvest their yarrow and share the progress of their distillations with us.


Our friends take their certified organic yarrow from the field to the still, mindfully crafting small batches of exquisite essential oil and hydrosol for you.

Sustainable and Certified Organic

Sustainable methods of cultivating certified organic plants allow nature to take the lead—no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or other unnatural substances are used.

These are the values and practices we look for when partnering with fellow small-scale farmers and distillers. Sustainability and respect for nature guide our every decision, ensuring the highest standard of quality for aromatherapy products.

Yarrow Oil Product Details

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a traditional plant used to support the body through minor injuries. If you’ve got a small cut or scrape, yarrow oil helps the area feel stable, soothing discomfort and more alarming reactions. It’s useful for reducing germs, too. Keep it close if you step on uneven ground and your ankle feels sore! Try yarrow oil in cooling blends for sore muscles, achy knees, tension in the head, and sniffles. This essential oil is a favorite for many vulnerable, uncomfortable issues!


Yarrow essential oil is non-toxic and non-irritating. For external use only.


Shelf life is about 4 years from distillation when stored in a cool, dark environment. Certified organic from Bulgaria. Plant family: Asteraceae. Plant part used: Flowers.

Yarrow Hydrosol Product Details

Certified organic, wildcrafted, and distilled here in the United States, yarrow hydrosol (Achillea millefolium) has a sweet, herbaceous scent. Spritz this soothing, protective hydrosol directly on vulnerable areas, such as small cuts or scrapes, bug bites, acne, or skin irritations. (It makes a great aftershave spray!) Yarrow hydrosol has a balancing, comforting presence. We love its cooling touch on places that feel warm and painful, and how it can help the body’s energy and resources flow smoothly to a puffy, constricted area


No known safety concerns.


Shelf life is about 1.5 years from distillation when stored in a cool, dark environment. Certified organically grown in Montana, USA. Plant family: Asteraceae. Plant part used: Flowers.

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Yarrow Oil

Steam distilled from the flowering tops of the yarrow plant, this oil is well-known for reducing inflammation.

Yarrow Hydrosol

Yarrow hydrosol is very calming and balancing, and has many benefits for the skin and body, and can help soothe skin irritations.

Rosemary and Yarrow Hydrosol

A beautiful blend of our certified organic rosemary and yarrow hydrosols, this product has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

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