Jasmine Blends Bundle

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we will be offering a Jasmine Blends Bundle for a limited time!

This bundle includes three of our very own Aromatic Essentials® Blends products: Simply Jasmine, Summer Jasmine, and Vanilla Jasmine.

Jasmine creates an enchanting essential oil. Sweet and floral, Jasmine is balancing, uplifting, and sensual. Blended in nourishing Jojoba Oil, our Roll-on Bundles are ready for immediate use and help to moisturize the skin.
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- Simply Jasmine Blend

This simply gorgeous jasmine blend has a divine floral aroma that is sweet, enticing, radiant, and slightly herbaceous. Jasmine sambac absolute can also help spark and fuel the beautiful energy, enthusiasm, and passion that you may need.

Ingredients: Jasmine Absolute (Sambac) Oil & Jojoba Oil.

- Summer Jasmine Blend

This peaceful, sensual blend has a divine floral aroma that is sweet, citrusy, earthy, peppery, herbaceous, and oh-so-lovely. These alluring, captivating oils open the heart and soul, helping to heighten the senses, release unwanted inhibitions, balance overthinking and worry, provide emotional support, and recirculate stagnant, blocked energy.

Ingredients: Mandarin (Green) OilJasmine Absolute OilPatchouli Oil, & Jojoba Oil.

- Vanilla Jasmine Blend

This irresistible Vanilla Jasmine blend is great for moisturizing dry skin and has a divine floral aroma that is warm, sweet, radiant, and oh-so-tempting. This sensual Vanilla Jasmine blend is so warmly satisfying and alluring.

Ingredients: Jasmine Absolute OilVanilla Oleoresin, & Jojoba Oil.

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