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Lavender Linen Spray Recipe Kit

Freshen and cleanse your linens with this beautiful Lavender Linen Spray Recipe Kit. The oils in this spray work together to refresh your linens and reduce the presence of unwanted microbial activity. Let the synergistic aroma of this spray calm and uplift your mind, body, and spirit. Spray on to all of your home linens - from sheets to towels to blankets - to help purify your entire home. Bask in the relaxing aroma!

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Benefits and uses

Blended together in our very own artisan lavender oil, the essential oils used in this all-natural linen spray will refresh your sheets and leave a wonderful aroma. The lavender hydrosol has germ busting properties that help purify the air, while the essential oils work together to reduce the presence of unwanted germs. Lemon essential oil cleans deeply, supports the immune system, and invites happiness and joy. Thyme essential oil will help to center and calm the mind, body and spirit, while may chang essential oil promotes a positive outlook. Blended together in the calming artisan lavender hydrosol, the linen spray will freshen all of your home linens while supporting your entire well-being.

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This recipe bundle includes:

  1. 100 ml Artisan Lavender Hydrosol
  2. 5ml Lemon Oil
  3. 5ml May Chang Oil
  4. 5ml Thyme ct Linalool Oil
  5. Lavender Linen Spray Recipe Card 

Each bundle also comes with a printed recipe card; a wonderful addition to your own aromatherapy collection!


Lavender Linen Spray Recipe

Freshen and cleanse your linens and rooms with this beautiful lavender linen spray recipe. Let the synergistic aroma of lavender, lemon, and thyme calm, balance, uplift, and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit while this spray helps purify and reduce the presence of microbial activity! Rest easy and sleep tight! 


  • 100 ml of  Artisan Lavender Hydrosol
  • 15 drops of  Lemon Oil
  • 10 drops of  Thyme ct Linalool Oil
  • 3 drops of  May Chang Oil


  1. Add essential oils to the 100 ml bottle of organic lavender hydrosol.
  2. Cap bottle.
  3. Shake well before spraying.
  4. Spray on your linens whenever needed and enjoy the lovely, therapeutic aroma.

Note: Makes a wonderful room spray, as well!

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