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Lil Sniffles Inhaler Kit

“I use this blend for my 6-yr old twins. It’s been extremely useful, especially lately, with the flu season hitting hard.” (— Rachna K.) This kit includes the sweet-smelling, kid-friendly blend that Rachna loves, which persistently calms symptoms and supports immunity. And inhalers are great for kids—simple, safe, and fun for them to use all by themselves!
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Benefits and uses

Less sniffles, Less sneezes. Lots more smiling, playing, and sleeping through the night!

This kit includes 4 blank inhalers and a 10 ml bottle of our Lil Sniffles stock blend, which is made with:

  • Cedarwood atlas: Emotionally soothing and supports easy breathing
  • Red mandarin: Warm, comforting citrus that eases allergy symptoms (kids love its familiar orangey scent!)
  • Angelica root: An earthy, herbaceous oil that helps kids feel calm while protecting respiratory health
  • Spearmint: Sweet, fresh, minty spearmint helps clear congestion fast!

We like using this kit for children who are over 5 years old.

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This recipe kit includes:

  1. 10ml Lil Sniffles Blend
  2. 4 Blank Inhalers (Multi color)
  3. Lil Sniffles Inhaler Recipe Card 

Each kit comes with a printed recipe card; a wonderful addition to your own aromatherapy collection!

Lil Sniffles Inhaler Recipe

No more sniffles, no more sneezes. Lots more smiling, playing, and sleeping through the night!


  • 6 drops of Lil Sniffles Blend
  • 1 Blank Inhaler


  1. Disassemble your blank inhaler and remove the cotton wick.
  2. Add 6 drops of Lil Sniffles Blend directly onto the wick.
  3. Reassemble your inhaler.
  4. Use as needed for allergy symptoms.

Note: May also use the Lil Sniffles blend directly in a diffuser, or topically with a 1% dilution. 

Not sure how to assemble a blank inhaler? Click HERE for a quick step-by-step instructional video. 

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