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I have CAM-103 - just noticed that it was produced in Guatemala vs. Sri Lanka (current batch CAM-104). The Guatemalan oil smells delicious! How does the Sri Lanka distilled oil comparet?
Both are awesome! We like the Cardamom from both countries.
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Can you no longer print out the GC/MS from prior patches? I don't see where to do that anymore. The available copy is tied to the most current batch. Thanks!
Yes, you can print prior batch GC/MS reports. Click view full Gc/MS report. You can choose with the arrows batches.
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Carrie M.
January 6, 2015
Excellent Quality!
Based on CAM-103 - this is an absolutely divine and delicious essential oil to have in your medicinal/therapeutic chest. The aroma is quite delicious and the properties are fantastic! Excellent quality oil!

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