Rhassoul Clay

Our sun-dried rhassoul clay is mined deep from within the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is prized for removing impurities from the skin, improving skin texture and complexion, and clearing congested skin, making it a popularly used clay in spas worldwide. Our fine, brownish-colored clay turns a beautiful, earthy red when mixed with liquid.

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Benefits and uses

Rhassoul clay is also known as hectorite clay. This lovely, nourishing clay not only detoxifies, but also helps decrease skin dryness and flakiness, improve tone and elasticity, and reduce pore size. Rhassoul clay is naturally high in silica, magnesium, iron, calcium, and sodium. It is a swelling clay that is extremely absorbent.

Want to know how to use this amazing clay? Try our Clay Mask with Rhassoul Clay recipe. It has frankincense oil, lavender oil, mashed fruit, and honey, making it a truly marvelous, soothing, and detoxifying facial treatment!

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