Woodsy Burly Beard Oil

1 fl-oz / 30 ml

Tame your beard to look smooth and touchably soft! This jojoba-based beard oil de-tangles and nourishes hair, adding shine and a hint of woodsy, masculine scent. Perfect for daily conditioning, and looking dapper on special occasions.

Limited edition ~ Available while supplies last

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Benefits and uses

We formulated this all-natural beard oil for the guys on Team Aromatics, who loved it so much we decided to offer it to you, too! The inviting, woodsy aroma isn’t overpowering, and gets softer throughout the day.

  • Jojoba Oil: Moisturizes, conditions, and detangles
  • Black Spruce Oil: A foresty, masculine aroma that smells like you’ve been outside
  • Cedarwood Oil: A warm, woodchip-like scent that helps others feel secure
  • Sandalwood Oil: A rare, exotic, woodsy scent that adds depth and mystery

Use this oil to moisturize and protect the skin beneath your beard, too. It can help soothe itch and prevent flakes.

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