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How to become a wholesaler

Welcome to the Aromatics International Wholesale Program! Aromatics International is committed to providing products of the highest quality to our customers. We are dedicated to supporting our ethically minded suppliers and are delighted to offer products that reflect these high standards of excellence to our customers. In this program you will receive our same quality products but at a greater volume and discount.

The Aromatics International Wholesale Program is designed into a three tier system. Each tier has a minimum sales amount that must be met to qualify for a discount. It is very important to note that only essential oil purchases will contribute to the Qualifying sales amount.

Apply via this form to be applicable to join our Wholesale Program.


Once you have achieved a discount tier you will receive that tiers discount for the remainder of the year as well as the following calendar year. To maintain your discount tier your total essential oil sales over the next calendar year must meet or exceed your current tier. If the minimum sales for that tier are not met you will be placed into the tier in which your essential oil sales that year added up to.

Discounts are only applied to the 5mL, 15mL, and 30mL sizes unless otherwise specified. There is no minimum requirement of the quantity that must be purchased.

Tier Number 1: Single qualifying purchase totaling $500.
30% off essential oils
10% off all accessories & carriers

Tier Number 2: Single qualifying purchase totaling $1000.
40% off essential oils
10% off all accessories & carriers

Tier Number 3: Single qualifying purchase totaling $5000.
50% off essential oils
10% off all bulk essential oils (4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz)
15% off accessories & carriers

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