Oregano Oil

Origanum vulgare
80 reviews

Certified Organic


3 years




One of nature’s wellness powerhouses! Oregano essential oil has a warm, herbal, camphor-like aroma with spicy notes. Oregano oil is well known for its potent ability to protect the health, especially during the cold season. It inspires a deep sense of security as it sweeps away germs and helps the body regain its natural health and balance. Oregano oil’s strength is largely thanks to “carvacrol,” which can cause irritation—so dilute this oil well. Our certified organic oregano essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of purple-flowering herbs cultivated in Spain.
Suggested Uses

Purify - Germs

Make on-the-go hand cleanser with oregano oil diluted in aloe vera gel to help reduce germs and support strong health.

Breathe - Cold Season

Open your breath and support your health during cold season—make a roller-ball blend with oregano oil in jojoba oil.

Relieve - Muscle Spasms

Soothe a tender, sore throat when you’re coughing. Make throat care oil with oregano diluted in Trauma Oil.

Product Properties


Plant Part



Certified Organic

Chemical Families



Botanical Families


Extraction Method

Steam Distilled

Therapeutic Properties









Warm and Radiant




Safety & Shelf Life

Shelf Life

3 years

Safety & Warnings

Essential Oil Safety by Tisserand and Young (second edition), says Oregano is known to be a moderate skin irritant and a strong mucous membrane irritant. Recommended maximum use of not more than 1% concentration on mucous membrane. Our Oregano has a high phenol content, and should never be used on the skin undiluted. We recommend using skin nourishing oils with Oregano to decrease the skin irritation. Do not use on children under 2 years old or on hypersensitive, diseased, or damaged skin. Oregano is to be used cautiously. Do not use during pregnancy.


All essential oils at Aromatics International are GC/MS tested. This ensures that we sell oils with the highest possible integrity for therapeutic use. Learn more about GC/MS reports here.

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