Essential Oil Learning Guides

Comprehensive resources to advance your essential oil knowledge

Learning by blending

Learn more about essential oils and aromatherapy to expand your skills and confidence in using essential oils safely and effectively.

Learning Guide

Essential Oils for Beginners

It all starts here. Start building your essential oil vocabulary and learn essential oil safety.

Free online course

Rooted in Education

We understand that the world of essential oils and natural wellness can feel overwhelming, especially to a beginner. In addition to providing the highest quality products, we're here to help you learn to use them safely, with comfort and confidence. Our connection to the Aromahead institute means that we have access to a wealth of resources that are based on the latest research and science.

If you want to learn more I've created a really fun FREE course on How to Blend Essential Oils. I hope you enhoy.

Learning Guide

Natural stress management with essential oils

Science-based, natural ways to manage stress and anxious feelings with essential oils.

Learning Guide

Going green at home: Natural cleaning with essential oils

Clean your home without toxic, harmful products.

Learning Guide

Essential Oil Carriers

Understand which oils, butters, and other carriers to use for your aromatherapy products

Learning Guide

How our essential oils & aromatherapy products are made

Go behind the scenes at Aromatics to learn how we guarantee sustainability and purity in all of our products, every step of the way.

Learning Guide

Ethical and sustainable aromatherapy

Enjoying essential oils with minimal impact on our planet.