Our Values

Sharing our commitment to natural wellness

Discovering essential oils made a profound impact on each of us, connecting us to nature and enhancing our sense of well-being. We are honored to support our community of customers around the world, to share in their moments of discovery, support their ongoing learning, and enhance their wellness by connecting them with high-quality essential oils and natural products.

We put our customers first

We're here to support your journey with essential oils, whether you're here to learn, make a purchase, or find new ways to use the oils in your collection. In additiont to providing free shipping and returns, our team of experts is available to answer your questions, either online or over the phone.

We are committed to purity and quality

We start at the source by getting to know each of our farmers and distillers. All of our products begin with healthy plants that are grown organically, then distilled at a small scale with attention to quality at each step of the process. The results are aromatically enchanting, therapeutically effective, and 100% pure. We prioritize certified organic sourcing whenever possible. We also offer oils that are wildcrafted or organically grown in communities around the world where certification is either not available or affordable for our growers.

We back our products through testing

We test each of our products to ensure their effectiveness, purity, safety, and quality. GC/MS testing allows us to see the components within each oil and their exact percentages. We only offer oils that test 100% pure, with no synthetic additives and the ideal chemical composition for therapeutic use.

We believe you deserve all the details

We understand that seeing is believing. We publish batch-specific test results for each essential oil we sell that show the percentages of each oil's therapeutic components so that you can be sure that our products are both safe and effective.


We love and protect our planet

We support sustainable practices from plant to package by working closely with our distillers to ensure organic practices, investing in biodegradable shipping materials and more

We believe in safe and responsible use

Essential oils are precious and powerful. We encourage a less is more approach and take every opportunity to share safety guidelines and education throughout our website.

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