Aromatherapy Certification Kit

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For Students of Aromahead Institute’s Aromatherapy Certification Program.

The complete kit includes the essential oils, carriers, and supplies to make nearly all of the blends on your path to Aromatherapy Certification. Ground your education in real experience with hands-on blending, developing vital skills. You can also use these products to make your Case Study blends. Every essential oil in this kit has an up-to-date GC/MS report (on our site) so you can clearly see its component analysis. All of the products are sustainable, certified organic (or organically crafted), or wildcrafted.

Focus on your education, and be assured that when it’s time to make a blend, you won’t have to search for the ingredients. You’ll already have the products you need.

Complete Kit Contents:
This kit contains 48 essential oils (5ml bottles), 16 carriers & body butters, 3 hydrosols, and 14 accessories & blending supplies. Expand the accordions below to see the product specifics, or click HERE to download the full kit contents booklet.


• Unscented lotion is now packaged in a jar with pump. This kit contains two lotion jars with one pump.
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Individual Lesson Kit Contents:
Want to purchase your ACP supplies one lesson at a time? We offer individual lesson kits for each lesson in your course. Expand the accordions below to see each kit's product specifics and to download the kit contents booklets.

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Individual Lesson Kit Contents

Lesson 1 Kit

This kit contains:

19 Essential Oils (5ml bottles)

• Black Pepper Oil
• Bergamot Oil
• Cypress Oil
• Frankincense Oil
• Grapefruit (Rose) Oil
• Juniper Berry Oil
• Laurel Leaf Oil
• Lemon Oil
• Marjoram (Sweet) Oil
• Neroli Oil
• Nutmeg Oil
• Opopanax Oil
• Orange Sweet Oil
• Ravintsara Oil
• Rosemary ct Camphor Oil
• Siberian Fir Oil
• Tea Tree Oil
• Thyme ct Linalool Oil
• Thyme ct Thymol Oil

4 Accessories

• Glass Bottles w/ Orifice Reducers
• Glass Stir Rods
• Blank Inhalers
• PET Bottles w/ Caps

1 Carrier Products

• Jojoba Oil

Click HERE to download the Lesson 1 Kit contents booklet.

Lesson 2 Kit

This kit contains:

9 Essential Oils (5ml bottles)

• Cedarwood Oil
• Chamomile German Oil (Nepal)
• Ginger Oil
• Helichrysum Italicum Oil
• Myrrh Oil
• Patchouli Oil
• Spikenard Oil
• Vetiver Oil
• Ylang Ylang Oil

3 Carrier Products

• Beeswax Pellets
• Jojoba Oil
• Lotion - Unscented

2 Accessories

• PET Jars w/ Black Lids
• Aluminum Lip Balm Tins

Click HERE to download the Lesson 2 Kit contents booklet.

Lesson 3 Kit

This kit contains:

10 Essential Oils (5ml bottles)

• Basil Sweet Oil
• Clary Sage Oil
• Geranium Oil
• Lavender Oil
• Palmarosa Oil
• Peppermint Oil
• Rose Absolute Oil
• Rosewood Oil
• Sandalwood Oil
• Spike Lavender Oil

8 Carrier Products

• Avocado Oil
• Baobab Seed Oil
• Cocoa Butter
• Palm Kernel Oil
• Pink Himalayan Salt
• Shea Butter
• Solubol (Dispersant)
• Tamanu Oil

3 Accessories

• Glass Jars w/ Lids
• Glass Jars w/ Lids
• PET Spray Bottles

2 Hydrosols

• Frankincense Hydrosol
• Lavender Hydrosol

Click HERE to download the Lesson 3 Kit contents booklet.

Lesson 4 Kit

This kit contains:

3 Essential Oils (5ml bottles)

• Clove Bud Oil
• Lemongrass Oil
• Melissa Oil

3 Carrier Products

• Jojoba Oil
• Kombo Butter
• Trauma Oil

1 Hydrosol

• Frankincense Hydrosol

Click HERE to download the Lesson 4 Kit contents booklet.

Lesson 5 Kit

This kit contains:

7 Essential Oils (5ml bottles)

• Anise Oil
• Cardamom Oil
• Eucalyptus Globulus Oil
• Fennel Sweet Oil
• Jasmine Absolute Oil
• Chamomile Roman Oil
• Tarragon Oil

3 Carrier Products

• Aloe Vera Gel
• Castile Soap
• Jojoba Oil

2 Accessories

• PET Bottles w/Pop-up Caps
• PET Jars w/ Lids

2 Hydrosols

• Frankincense Hydrosol
• Lavender Hydrosol

Click HERE to download the Lesson 5 Kit contents booklet.

Lesson 6 Kit

This kit contains:

3 Accessories

• Lip Balm Tube Tray
• Lip Balm Tubes
• Plastic Pipettes

2 Carrier Products

• Jojoba Oil
• Lotion - Unscented

1 Hydrosol

• Sweet Grass Hyrdosol

Click HERE to download the Lesson 6 Kit contents booklet.

Aromatics International

Included Essential Oils

The Aromatherapy Certification Program Course Kit contains 48 pure essential oils in 5ml bottles.

Included Essential Oils

Aromatics International

Included Carriers

This kit contains 16 carriers & body butters.