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Sweet Grass Hydrosol

Hierochloe odorata

Our wildcrafted sweet grass hydrosol is steam distilled from the aromatic Hierochloe odorrata plant, commonly known as sweet grass. This beautiful sweet grass hydrosol has a fresh, sweet, herbaceous aroma. It is distilled for the sole purpose of hydrosol production here in the USA. Aromatherapists often use sweet grass hydrosol for its grounding, balancing, and energy-clearing abilities.

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Benefits and uses

The indigenous peoples of North America call sweet grass “Sacred Hair of Mother Earth”. They have traditionally used the sacred plant for rituals and ceremonies for centuries. People in Europe have also used sweet grass for similar purposes, where it reverently became known as “Holy grass”.

Sweet grass is powerful for cleansing spaces and clearing the energy of a room. It can help with grounding and balancing oneself on all levels and may even be useful for helping to relieve anxiety. It is also energetically and emotionally protective.

This lovely sweet grass hydrosol makes a great room freshener and deodorizing spray, as well. Its airborne antimicrobial properties can even help clear the air of unwanted germs. Use it by itself or add your favorite essential oils to boost its effects!



Country of Origin Cultivation Extraction Methods Plant Part(s) Botanical Family
USA Wildcrafted Steam Distilled
  • Grass
AromasNotes Chemical Families Therapeutic Properties
  • Herbaceous
  • Sweet
  • Middle-top
  • Lactones
  • Airborne antimicrobial
  • Anxiety relieving
  • Deodorant
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Safety & Warnings

No known safety concerns.

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