Laurel Leaf Oil

Laurus nobilis
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Organically Grown

Organically Grown


5 years




Energizing laurel leaf essential oil has a sweet, herbaceous, slightly spicy scent. With a reputation for a victory that spans much of history, laurel leaf helps the body achieve peak health by cleansing out old, stagnant energy. It’s a protective oil—use it for strength against irritants that can close up the breath and for mental clarity that overcomes confusion or fear. Our organically grown laurel leaf essential oil (also known as bay laurel) is steam distilled from the leaves of shrubs in the mountains of Turkey or Georgia.
Suggested Uses

Purify - Circulate

Support your body’s natural cleansing and detox process. Make a massage oil with laurel leaf diluted in jojoba.

Breathe - Allergy Season

If you stock up on tissues every time pollen season comes around, make an inhaler with laurel leaf oil.

Relieve - Muscle Tightness

Add a few drops of laurel leaf essential oil to a muscle massage butter after a strenuous workout.

Product Properties


Plant Part



Organically Grown

Chemical Families


Botanical Families


Extraction Method

Steam Distilled

Therapeutic Properties















Safety & Shelf Life

Shelf Life

5 years

Safety & Warnings

Non-toxic, though it may cause skin irritation and may be sensitizing, especially if oxidized. Essential Oil Safety by Tisserand and Young (second edition), suggest using it in a low dilution when applying to the skin, such as in bath or massage oils (0.5% dilution based on a 3.8% of Methyl Eugenol content in the oil). Often the oil has a lower percentage of Methyl Eugenol, so check your GC/MS report. For some people using it in a steam may irritate the mucous membranes. Should not be used for children under 5 years old, as 1,8 cineole can also cause CNS and breathing problems in young children. Use with caution on children between 5-10 years old.


All essential oils at Aromatics International are GC/MS tested. This ensures that we sell oils with the highest possible integrity for therapeutic use. Learn more about GC/MS reports here.

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