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Allergies - Essential Oil Recipes

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Hay Fever Relief Inhaler

Ease allergy symptoms with this inhaler blend.

Allergy Reducing Room Spray

Freshen up your space with this anti allergen room spray!

Sinus Ease Inhaler

Minimize and soothe sinus discomfort caused by allergies.

Allergy Be Gone Inhaler

Helps minimize allergies by encouraging healthy breathing.

Allergy Calming Roll-on

Ease and calm allergy symptoms.

Hiker's Allergy Season Inhaler

Keep this inhaler handy when hiking, backpacking, or travel...

Seasonal Allergy Inhaler

This beautiful blend is so helpful during the allergy season.

Saro & Ravintsara Allergy Scrub

This beautiful bath scrub blend is so soothing, especially ...

Soothing Allergy Inhaler

This oh-so-delicious-smelling blend provides both respirato...

Allergy Relief Inhaler

This blend encourages healthy breathing when those pesky al...

Sinus Support Inhaler

This powerful blend of airway-supporting essential oils is ...

Sinus Congestion Lotion

These oils work together to soothe inflammation, clear cong...


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