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Breathe - Essential Oil Recipes

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Breathe & Be Confident Inhaler

Take deep breaths—you’ve got this!

Nurturing Chest Steam

Care for your chest with deep, comforting breaths of steam.

Breathe Deeper Inhaler

Support healthy lungs and sinuses while restoring clarity.

Cold & Cough Buster Diffuser Blend

Restore airway and lung function during a cold or flu.

Healthy Breathing Steam Blend

Promote healthy breathing by opening up the airways and eas...

Open Sinuses Inhaler

This inhaler blend helps relieve sinus congestion and infla...

Breathing Support Inhaler

This blend is useful when looking for supportive restorativ...

Kids Calm the Cough Diffuser Blend

Nurture and restore health to your little ones when experie...

Breathe Easy Diffuser Blend

Encourage healthy respiratory function with this diffuser b...

Clean Air Respiratory Diffuser Blend

Purify your air to support your health and get a fresh, opt...

Open Breathing Oil

These remarkable essential oils work to effectively support...

Air Cleansing Diffuser Blend

Freshen the air with this sweet and cinnamony blend!


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