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Sleep - Essential Oil Recipes

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Relaxing Travel Linen Spray

Find tranquility amidst travel's hustle with this serene bl...

Bergamot Bedtime Oil

Fall soundly asleep with this citrusy, woodsy bedtime blend.

Cozy Cedar Linen Spray for Kids

Banish the monsters and send the kids off to peaceful sleep.

Calming & Rest Oil

Encourages relaxation when needing to rest, while melting a...

Sleep Tight Diffuser Blend

Support healthy breathing and deeper sleep with clearing an...

Good Night's Rest Lotion

This beautiful blend is so helpful when needing to get a go...

Sweet Slumber Lotion

This lovely blend is profoundly relaxing and calming.

Nodding Off Lotion

This profoundly calming Lotion Blend is perfect for support...

Lavender Linen Spray

Freshen and cleanse your linens and rooms with this beautif...

Sleepy Time Kids Inhaler

Sometimes even our children find they are too excited or to...

I Dream of Roses Sleepy Lotion

Get a great night's rest with this sleepy time lotion.


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