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Love - Essential Oil Recipes

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Refreshing Rose Body Spray

Spray this wild rosehip hydrosol blend for a refreshing bod...

Aching Foot Soak

This refreshing foot bath blend harnesses the power of pepp...

All About Love Oil

Open your heart with our sensual roll-on blend.

Evening Bath Salt

This floral bath blend is sure to please after a long day w...

Love Potion Perfume Oil

This natural perfume is skin nourishing, while also making ...

Rose & Neroli Anti-Aging Lotion

Moisturize, restore, and protect skin that’s mature and dep...

Lovely Perfume

This blend is skin nourishing, while also making you smell ...

Rose Humectant Facial Toning Spray

Vegetable Glycerin and rose hydrosol were made for each other.

Sensual Massage Oil

This massage blend is perfect for encouraging unity inside ...

Blissful Jasmine Foot Soak

A sensual and soul-nourishing salt foot bath blend.

I Dream of Roses Sleepy Lotion

Get a great night's rest with this sleepy time lotion.


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