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Summer - Essential Oil Recipes

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Aphid-Away Spray

Take back your garden from those pesky aphids with this all...

After Sun Spray

This cooling spray offers refreshment after a long day in t...

Aloe Sunburn Relief Gel

This blend is perfect when too much fun in the sun leaves y...

Cooling Muscle Lotion

This cooling blend is perfect for sore and tired muscles af...

Refreshing Rose Body Spray

Spray this wild rosehip hydrosol blend for a refreshing bod...

Soothing Injury Gel

Soothe and calm injuries and skin conditions.

Brighten the Mood Spray

Brighten the mood with this floral, citrusy room spray!

Itch Relief Spray

Calm itchy, inflamed insect bites.

Cooling Tonic Spray

Soothe hot and inflamed areas with this cooling tonic.

Sunny Citrus Diffuser Blend

Soak up the sunshine with blissful, citrusy aromas.

Woodsy Insect Repellent Spray

Keep insects away with this effective, all-natural insect r...


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