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Anxiety - Essential Oil Recipes

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Calm & Peace Massage Oil

Relax & restore your calm with this soothing massage oil.

Emotional Calm Inhaler

Take a deep breath and listen to your inner guidance… You’v...

Aching Foot Soak

This refreshing foot bath blend harnesses the power of pepp...

Brighten the Mood Spray

Brighten the mood with this floral, citrusy room spray!

Balancing Oil

Balance and uplift the senses with this sublime lotion blend.

Calming Inhaler

This blend is such a beautiful way to calm nervous tension ...

Calming Oil with Davana

This beautiful blend is so supportive when experiencing anx...

Emotionally Uplifting Lotion

Help soothe emotions with this citrusy, floral lotion blend.

Emotionally Balancing Perfume

Help soothe emotions with this citrusy, floral, soft perfume.

Emotional Calm Inhaler

Calm and relax your senses with this floral inhaler blend.

Happy Liver Salve

This nourishing salve is welcome during seasons of heighten...


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