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Muscle aches - Essential Oil Recipes

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Cooling Muscle Lotion

This cooling blend is perfect for sore and tired muscles af...

Relief for Sore Muscles Oil

This blend offers much-needed relief for sore, overworked m...

Neck Massage Oil

Did you sleep in a funny position, and now you can’t turn y...

Move Easier Lotion with Chamomile

Release tension for painful muscle cramps.

Injury Repair Oil

Calm and soothe sore muscles after a workout, or injury.

Muscle Aches Butter

This blend is perfect for relieving sore, painful, inflamed...

Muscle Spasms Oil

This blend brings welcome relief to tight, cramping, and sp...

Overworked Muscle Oil

This blend of powerful essential oils is perfect for reliev...

Muscle Strains Oil

Encourage healing when dealing with overworked, strained mu...

Sore Muscle Oil

This wonderful blend helps bring soothing relief to painful...

Sore & Tight Muscle Oil

These warming, penetrating essential oils are perfect for s...


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