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Digestion - Essential Oil Recipes

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Relieving Belly Oil

Bring much-needed relief to a tight, cramped belly with thi...

Yarrow's "Little Bit o' Blue" Belly Oil

Experiencing stomach discomfort? This powerful blend can he...

Queasiness Relief Inhaler

Whether traveling by car, plane or train, this nifty inhale...

Curb Your Appetite Inhaler

Enjoy good food without overindulging.

Digestive Ease Oil

Relieve and ease an occasional upset digestive system.

Minty Belly Tonic

Comfort your belly with a few sips of this pure, peppermint...

Belly Digestive Oil

Support digestion while calming tension in your belly.

Belly Cramp Relief Oil

Encourage relaxation in tense areas.

Belly Massage Oil

Support a healthy digestive system with this beautiful bell...

Tight Belly with Cramping Lotion

Encourage healthy elimination with this synergistic lotion ...

On the Go Digestive Aid Oil

Don't let digestive distress or discomfort slow you down.


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