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Skin care - Essential Oil Recipes

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Aloe Sunburn Relief Gel

This blend is perfect when too much fun in the sun leaves y...

Lumberjack Moisturizer Oil

The men in our lives often need a little skin TLC too!

Sandalissa Healthy Lips Oil

Two beautiful supporting oils to discourage lip sores.

Mama's Belly Massage Butter

A conditioning, moisturizing belly butter for expectant mot...

Raspberry and Aloe Soap-Free Face Wash

A gentle, skin-nourishing face wash

Night-Repair Hand Butter

An intensely moisturizing overnight butter to restore your ...

Warm Cuticle Repair Salve

Condition and moisturize your cuticles.

Sensitive Skin Facial Oil

Promote a healthy complexion that supports sensitive skin w...

Carrot Cake Lip Balm

A silky-smooth, gently warm, lip-smacking balm!

Sweet Almond Moisturizing Hand Oil

An antioxidant-rich hand moisturizer to restore healthy, su...

Acne Prone Skin Facial Oil

Promote healthy, clear skin with this ultra-nourishing faci...


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